The principle of YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation technology emphasizes on oxygen absorbing ability of the roots, the system monitors EC values, PH values, NO3 values, tensiometer values of the soil near the roots by embedding sensors around the roots at a real time. The oxygen absorbing ability of the roots is calculated by a comprehensive calculation and sends feedback to the controller. Command system calculates and adjusts oxygen-absorb ability of the roots by regulating water volume, acid content, fertilizer amount, fertilizer types in order to maintain an optimal growth of the plants.

High Oxygen Supply

Low Oxygen Supply

From the test result of University of California in 1967, the plants grow more vigorously when provided sufficient oxygen than less.

YUANDA Intelligent Drip Irrigation

Precise irrigation with high frequency allows the oxygen to be in a steady state slightly below the saturation, the amount of the oxygen around the roots reaches almost 80 times comparing with the traditional one. The crops grow more vigorously with this.

Conventional Drip Irrigation

Traditional irrigation always over irrigating, the roots of the plants are in a bad condition of Oxygen.