Business philosophy - Thoughts change the world, services create value

Thoughts change the world
Yuanda advocates the philosophy"Thoughts change the world", it is to grasp the overall situation with the consciousness and innovative working ideas,carry forward the striving spirit of self-improvement, the pioneering spirit of innovation, the learning spirit of unity of knowledge and practice and the spirit of solidarity in the same boat. The entrepreneurial spirit is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable operation of the enterprise.

Service creates value
Yuanda advocates the philosophy"Service creates value”, and its "value" is reflected in two aspects. One is to create value for customers with excellent product quality and perfect service system for achieving customer satisfaction, the other is to transform customer satisfaction into sustainable trust and attention to enterprise for enhancing the competitiveness of the brand, and creating value for the enterprise.


Enterprise motto -To do things honestly, To treat people sincerely, To be sensible, To unify knowledge and practice

To do things honestly
Yuanda advocates the philosophy"To do things honestly" is reflected in the production of products, it is “to guarantee product quality instead of cutting corners;” in management, it is “ to guarantee good management instead of fishing in troubled waters”, in service, it is “to guarantee service is ahead of customers"

To treat people sincerely
Yuanda’s advocates the philosophy “To treat people sincerely” is to manage in good faith and sincerely treat customers and suppliers, it is to trust and treat colleagues equally, it is to open to investors and shareholders

To be sensible
Yuanda advocates the philosophy “To be sensible” is to do the right thing, to explore bodly in the work, to study ideas and directions, to improve work efficiency; It is to do things correctly, to find the most appropriate way to solve problems in work, and to improve work efficiency.

To unify knowledge and practice
Yuanda advocates the philosophy"To unify knowledge and practice" means "practice" precedes "knowledge", practice first, gain is from doing vice versa; it also means "knowledge" guides "practice", and doing things must have the right direction. That is walk the walk and practice what you preech


Development strategy - Independent brand, independent intellectual property rights, independent marketing network

Independent brand
Yuanda's “Independent brand” refers to treating brand as a symbol of corporate strength, regarding brand as a means of increasing corporate value and enhancing corporate image, improving corporate competitiveness with the promotion of the brand, so as to brand effect could be generated.

Independent intellectual property rights
Yuanda's "Independent intellectual property rights" refers to taking the enterprise's science and technology as the guide,innovation as the train of thought; adhering to the road of independent product research and development, and using scientific and technological strength to inject fresh activity into the development of the enterprise, so as to obtain sustained market competitive advantage and continuous profitability

Independent marketing network
Yuanda's “independent marketing network” refers to establishing marketing network by Yuanda-self, and constructing domestic and international market channels for product sales. Relying on independent development, it truly increases the market share of our products, gains lucrative profits, and wins a broad space for development.


Management philosophy - Sustainable development, cycle improvement, statistical analysis, continuous improvement

Yuanda advocates “management philosophy” is to adopt a sustainable business model and maintain its leading position in the dominant industry of the curtain wall, that is, to maintain its continued profit growth in the leading areas and expansion of the operating environment, and further increase the support strength in elevator and electromechanical industry. Using the management thoughts of cycle improvement and statistical analysis to promote the continuous development and improvement of the Group's overall strength, and ultimately realize the enterprise ideal of “Organized Yuanda”.


Product philosophy - service, quality, cost

The general principle of Yuanda's product philosophy of "service, quality, cost" is, all employees of the enterprise must think of customers firstly, think of quality secondly, and think of cost thirdly and this order cannot be messed up by anyone. Carrying out the philosophy of "service, quality, cost" is to first consider the customer, pay attention to the needs of customers, and implement business activities based on the needs of customers. Second, recognize the importance of product and service quality to the continued operation of the enterprise. On this basis, we will take into account the cost and realize the benign development of customer benefits, product quality and management.


Talents philosophy -Evaluating people with facts, talents first

Evaluating people with facts
Yuanda’s core of “evaluating people with facts” is“respecting talents”. It is to test a person’s moral and talents in work practice.A talent shall not be assessed by his academic qualification and work experience but by how he acts in a competition. Carry out the evaluation method of “use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones.”, and strive to create a platform for employees to “gather the talents, make the best use of talents, and make the best use of them”.

Talents first
Yuanda’s implementation of the philosophy of "Talents first" is to insist that talents are the first strategic resource for enterprise development, put the education and training for talents in strategic position of priority development,innovate the employment mechanism, optimize the talent environment, and fully implement the strategy of strengthening enterprises by talents.


Cultural philosophy - respect, communication, understanding, integration, pursuit

Strive to create a culture atmosphere of "respect" and advocate a business environment that respects labor, respects knowledge, respects talents, and respects creation.

Strive to create a cultural atmosphere of "communication", create an easy and equal communication mechanism, reduce communication costs, and improve business operation efficiency

Strive to create a cultural atmosphere of "understanding", understand and stand on the other side's position to look at the problem, know ourselves and adversaries and let the communication produce understanding, understanding create a win-win situation.

Strive to create a cultural atmosphere of "integration", strive to make the historical and cultural heritage and future development of the enterprise unified, so that the characteristics of the enterprise and the style of the employees can be mutually integrated, and promote the harmonious co-prosperity between the enterprise and the employees, the enterprise and the outside world.

Strive to create a cultural atmosphere of "pursuit”, focus on cultivating the innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit of employees, and confident and optimistic attitude towards life and lofty ideological realm, in order to realize their own ideals and beliefs.


Market philosophy - discover customer needs, create customer value, and provide high-quality service

Yuanda's market philosophy is to integrate product quality, customer service and marketing. From the customer's needs and interests, we test the standards of our products and services with our customers' standards. In the creation of perfect product quality, perfect service system, in all areas of business activities achieve customer expectations to obtain the interests of both enterprises and customers.


Wealth philosophy - wealth is responsibility

Wealth is responsibility
Yuanda’s understanding of “wealth” is that the property of society is not owned by anyone, but only by people to manage and control. When people are doing their duty to society, when there is wisdom and mind, the wealth will come and the wealth can be dominated and managed by people, and vice versa, property is social that is a tool to make people happy. Man is the creator and dominator of wealth. It is not the possessor. Whoever controls and manages wealth is responsible for it.


Enterprise mission

Yuanda’s enterprise mission is summarized as “four for”, that is, “for the country, for customers, for employees, for shareholders”:

For the country: Take responsibilities and obligations for corporate citizen.

For customers:Make benefits for customers, create customers value, and make customers satisfied

For shareholders:Make profits for shareholders, let investors and enterprise win-win together

For employees: Bring welfare and a happy life to employees.