YUANDA system helps to solve the seasonal drought problem with a high precise real-time intelligent water control, reduces the effects caused by the external factors, and therefore brings more yield and enables to promote the food production planning.

The traditional irrigation system ignores the water demand of the plant at night while YUANDA system does not. YUANDA is a pulse intelligent irrigation system that irrigates 24 hours a day. About 40% of the irrigation occurs at night, this is because the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and sugar (produced from photosynthesis) stored in plant organelles are transported to each organ of the plants for their growth, and the main power of this delivery is transpiration. Irrigating at night helps the plants to grow better and therefore brings a better yield on crops.

Left:The prosper secondary roots by applying YUANDA System Right:Roots status for Conventional System


When irrigated with large amount of water, most of the water moves downward in the effect of gravity as it shows in zone A, the moisture content is very rich at this area. Because of the larger flow, most of the water cannot be absorbed by the plant but are leaked into the groundwater system. In this part, the absorption of oxygen cannot be done normally. The anaerobic respiration produces substances that are harmful to plant roots and turn the roots into unhealthy dark color. Some water diffuses around and forms Zone B in the capillary effect. Water can be normally absorbed. Zone C is an area with big amount of salt in the soil due to dissolved inorganic salts and other substances. In the effect of capillary action, water moves with the evaporation and forms a spherical, which is a region that limit the growth of plant roots, thus it affect the overall growth of the plant.

YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation system is based on the precise control of irrigation to reduce the influence of gravity on the movement of water. With the diffusing movement of the water, the system not only ensures the effective absorption of the water but also reduces waste of fertilization and water. With YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation system, we will succeed in protecting our land from soil salinization and hardening and therefore preserve the nature and characteristics of the soil.