The traditional fertilization is based on the planting experience of peasants or agricultural expert and gradually developed into the way of choosing the fertilizer formula as per soil testing and fertilization by different period. This artificial fertilization control takes inefficient utilization of fertilizer, and not only causes fertilizer residue in the soil and excessive waste, but also pollutes the underground water and hardens the soil.

YUANDA automatically meets the demands of the crops through continuous analysis of the status. By communicating with the roots, we provide the best conditions for the crops ceaselessly; the roots are exuberant in growth. The efficient utilization of the fertilizer can reach 95%. Comparing with the conventional irrigation system, we can save more than 40% of fertilizer.


YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation system monitors the concentration of fertilizer in the soil, and regulates the fertilizer content in water at a real-time which makes an efficient utilization of fertilizer, avoids unnecessary waste, and soil pollution at the same time.