YUANDA intelligent irrigation system monitors the changes of the soil and roots in real time through one or more sets of sensors. The data is transmitted to the control system. Through calculating the cloud database of the plants, the control system comprehends the demands of the plants. Water, fertilizer and other microelements are mixed by drip irrigation system which will be delivered to the roots by drip irrigation equipment.

YUANDA intelligent irrigation system has exceeded all the conventional cultivation systems in the world. It is undoubtedly a great leap in the global agricultural planting industry developed into the precise agriculture technology stage. Our system automatically meets the demands of the crops through continuous analysis of its status. By providing the best conditions for the crops ceaselessly, healthy growth of the plants can be ensured.

YUANDA intelligent irrigation system brings strong roots, high-usage of water and fertilizer, and strong vitality of the plants by adjusting water, fertilizer, PH, roots temperature and other elements together with the analysis of oxygen-absorb ability of the roots. Comparing with the conventional drip irrigation system, we can save water by 30%, fertilizer by 40%, and increase the yield by more than 5%. By applying YUANDA system, shorter growth cycle, better taste, good quality of yields, and extended freshness date can be achieved.

The pressure compensation technology applied at the irrigation drip-lines is advanced in the world . YUANDA intelligent irrigation system has adopted this technology with pulse irrigation, which can be widely used for arid lands. By covering the soil while irrigating not only reduces the water evaporation and completely eliminates the effect of the secondary pollution of film mulching but also avoids soil hardening. Therefore, cultivation on sandy soil can be realized. Turning the desertification land back into the greenland will be very effective. With straw chopping and plowing technology, we are not only able to restore the land but also prevent the desertification and stabilize the sand. After about 10 years of farming, we will repair the soil completely, and transform the desertification land into a fertile farmland.