The disadvantage of the conventional irrigation control system is that the system irrigates the soil rather than the plants, which neglects the real needs of the plants. It is irrigated by stages according to the man made pattern or the experience learned by themself which may cause water shortage or over-watered soil.

YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation system knows the water demand of the plants through its sensors which are placed at the roots of the plants. It determines the time and the amount of irrigation based on the plant’s own demand, the utilization of water can reach 95%,so as to save over 30% of water than the conventional system.


The traditional irrigation system irrigates with more water and longer time, which causes a lot waste and evaporation of water.

YUANDA intelligent drip irrigation system waters by pulse according to the actual situation of the plant root in the soil. The plants absorb enough water but does not cause unnecessary waste at the same time because this system uses pressure compensation drip line with water flow less than 0.9 liters per hour thus reduces water consumption greatly.