YUANDA Intelligent Drip Irrigation System

  • Providing the best conditions for crops with precise amount of water and fertilizer required, increasing the yield, and shortening the growing cycle.
  • Sufficient oxygen makes vigorous growth of the roots.
  • Automatic adjustment of the soil PH. The exuberant roots makes efficient utilization of the water and fertilizer (up to 95%), and bring the vitality of the crop.
  • The fertilizer is assimilated by the roots without making any contamination of aquifers.
  • Helps to restore the soil and avoiding salinization.
  • An advanced information technological network based on the cloud computing, mass data and the internet of things.
  • Remote monitoring helps to understand the status of the crops at any time.

Tranditional Irrigation

  • Manmade drip irrigation plan does not meet the needs of the crops.
  • The deficient oxygen causes slow growth of the secondary roots.
  • The inefficient utilization of the fertilizer and water causes big waste and high cost of planting.
  • Overfeed water and fertilizer contaminates the aquifers and causes the salinization of the soil.